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Joe Speaks at Missouri Western State University

"The personal story that Joe shared could be felt by every athlete in that room. He spoke from the heart. His message came through as honest, humble, and strong. However, Joe's message transcends the athletic world and can speak to anyone."

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Joe Speaks at the Tri-County Gala

Joe and Les Brown right before they speak at the Subway Slimdown Challenege

Joe and Les Brown right before they speak at the Subway Slimdown Challenege

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Speaker • Educator • Difference Maker
Then: paralyzed at 14 years old... NOW: Skiing down a black diamond slope!
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At the age of 14, on September 11, 1984, Joe sustained a broken neck on the football field and was paralyzed from the neck down. The doctors said he would never walk again.

End of story. . . right?


Joe's inspirational story began 7 days later when he began getting some feeling back in his left leg. That's when the doctors and physical therapists gave him a choice: work harder than you can imagine and endure more pain than you can imagine, or spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair.

So Joe worked hard and felt pain. And now, not only is he not in a wheelchair, he walks, runs, plays golf and skis.

Joe has shared his story with thousands of people around the world. He has helped others with devastating injuries lead a full life, and he will inspire your organization with insights into how to stay positive no matter what the circumstances.

After his presentation, you'll know that he really is not your average Joe.