Joe Rhea
Not Your Average Joe

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On September 11th 1984 Joe Rhea sustained one of the single most catastrophic injuries a human being can endure. While playing football he broke his neck, and was left paralyzed from the neck down. " Be prepared to spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair," was what Joe was told at the age of 14. It was at that moment that Joe made the decision that would forever shape his life. Remaining in that wheelchair was simply not an option.

Today Joe Rhea is a walking, running, snow-skiing, single digit handicap golfing medical miracle. Even today his neurologist is amazed at what he can do. His story is truly inspirational on so many levels.

Joe Rhea is one of the leading voices in Kansas City on injury prevention. He has been the lead speaker for the Think First Foundation of Kansas City for the past six years, speaking over 100 times per year to students in Kansas City. Think First is a global non-profit foundation, that speaks all over the world to students k-12 on Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Prevention. Joe is also a charter member on the VIP (Voices in Injury Prevention) Task Force. The task force has been funded by the Christopher Reeve Foundation. Its mission is to strengthen the voice of Think First, and to promote Think First all over the world. Joe had the opportunity to speak at its annual conference this past April in New Orleans. One participant wrote, "Joe amazing job! Can someone "get high" on Think First? The answer is YES after listening to you! Its about passion for Joe Rhea."

Since the Think First Foundation speaks only on the k-12 grade levels, Joe has created a program specifically designed for college aged students. A program that will challenge your students to think first and understand that in one second their whole lives can change.

Joe Rhea's catastrophic life changing event has taught him many lessons in life. It forced him to adapt and reevaluate. To see things in a different light. It has taught him how to succeed. As a result of this growth, he has created keynote presentations sharing this valuable information. His story will truly inspire you!

Joe at Copper Mountain